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Part #: 219

Dan Wesson model 15-2 double action revolver chambered in .357 Remington Magnum in a four barrel set: 2 , 4, 6, and 8. This has got to be the nicest Dan Wesson revolver we have seen; and in the original factory case with all original accessories and paperwork. Purchase by a police officer 30 years ago, only the 4 barrel has been shot - and only 50 rounds at that. The other three barrels are UNFIRED. This package is a Like New-in-box safequeen! There is a spot on the left side of the frame between the cylinder and the grip that exhibits a slight dulling of the high polish blue finish. And a similar slight fogging on the opposite side - see pics. Other than that, no imperfections spotted. Bores are great, action is smooth; lock up like new. Notice, this is the solid rib, standard weight shroud version. They say the vent rib and the heavy shroud are more desirable, but our experience is just the opposite. The vent ribs are delicate and often are dented; and the heavy shroud is actually too heavy for the average person. This is the package to purchase if you want to collect the closest thing to an original like-new Dan Wesson Pistol Pac. What a find!

Caliber - .357 MAG
Barrel Length - 2468"