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Winchester model 1907 S.L. semi-auto rifle chambered in .351 Win Characteristics: one 5 shot box magazine, round barrel, open sights, plain pistol grip stock, (an improved version of the Model 1905), approximately 58,490 manufactured between 1907-57. We have a 1912 manufactured rifle that our gunsmith completely restored. He purchased it for his own collection, but ran into financial trouble. Sold it to us; so now we have his labor of love. It was pretty corroded, but he did a great job in the restore. You can see pitting in places under the new bluing - he couldn't get all of it. But it looks great! - see pics. The walnut stock now has a high gloss finish; super attractive. Test fired fine. With the gun comes 74 rounds of 180 grain FP ammo by Jamison Brass & Ammunition, (3 unopened boxes of 20 count each + 14 rounds left in an opened box.) The ammo ships separately from the gun, (shipping cost included in the total.) Don't miss this great historical firearm!

Part Number - 271
Caliber - .351 WIN
Barrel Length - 20"

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